Be aware of protective materials that do not meet safety requirements

As a result of the current COVID-19 global outbreak, the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face masks, gloves, protective coveralls or eyewear protection, as well as for medical devices such as surgical masks, exploration gloves and some gowns, has seen an exponential growth. Read this article for more information on which masks meet the safety requirements.

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How FIT, AWEX and HUB Brussels can help your company in times of Coronavirus

If you work for or own a company in Belgium, you will undoubtedly have consulted one of Belgium’s 3 trade agencies for information. Nowadays many Belgian companies find themselves in economic difficulties or are very unclear about their future because of the Coronavirus. Read this article to discover how FIT, AWEX and HUB Brussels can provide your company with accurate and useful information.

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How to Conduct a Trade Mark Search in China

Every company, no matter how big or small, has some intellectual property (IP). The most common type of IP right is a trade mark. A trade mark is essential to all kinds of companies, whether you are a producer, distributor or service provider. Read this BCECC article for a practical guide on how to conduct a trade mark search with the China Trade Mark Office (CTMO).

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