Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC)

Past events

How will China use its ETS to combat climate change? What are some possible consequences for Belgian companies in China, and how are they dealing with green energy solutions in Europe and China?
What are the prospects for transatlantic cooperation with China since Biden has been elected? How can we characterize the influence of the US-China relationship on Europe? Bruno Colmant will discuss these questions and more on 10 May.
 Hainan, China
Join the online event ‘2021 China International Consumer Products Expo (Hainan Expo) to discover which opportunities the Hainan Free Trade Port creates for your business.
What is the Belt & Road Initiative? How can we characterize EU-Russia-China relations? Which business opportunities are there to discover for European and Russian companies? Join us on 4 May!
Are you a company who’s still discovering the Chinese market, or do you already have some experience in exporting to China? Our webinar is open to any Flemish company who’s interested in gaining tips and tricks to succeed in the Chinese market.
How to address the challenges of long-distance cooperation with your business in China? Gain some practical tips and tricks in our 1 day online workshop organized together with ChinaConduct
Interested in Chinese language and culture? Register for our Business Chinese courses starting in April!
The BCECC and Voka Mechelen-Kempen organized a virtual trade mission to the island of Hainan. Participants joined us for online presentations on cross-border e-commerce, Hainan Free Trade Port and Expo and our virtual B2B matchmaking event.
Xiamen is one of China’s Special Economic Zones, and one of the most competitive markets in China. Join us on 18 March for our Europe-Xiamen Business Connect, and make new business connections in this exciting region!
What is blockchain technology, and what are the implications for European SMEs? What is China using it for? Join us on 4 March for an informative online workshop.
Join the BCECC booth at the Virtual Exportbeurs from your couch this year! Follow our webinar on reconnecting with China on 9 February 2021.
What does the EU framework for the screening of FDI mean for Belgian and European companies? What are the implications for Chinese investments?