Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC)

Past events

Working for a high-tech company, in the digital economy or in the electronic information industry? Be sure to join our event with a delegation from Longhua (Shenzhen)!
How can you finetune your marketing skills and strategies for the return of Chinese tourists as a European SME? Join our free webinar with the EU SME Centre!
How can you make your business’ supply chain more efficient using smart logistics, data and innovation? Join our company visit to DP World Antwerp Gateway for logistical solutions!
Join our exclusive networking event with the newly appointed Head of the Chinese Mission to the EU for a frank and open discussion on EU-China relations and beyond.
China’s rapid urbanization brings along sustainability challenges. How are the two related, and what are the links between economic development, urbanization and sustainable transition? Join us on 2 March at the BNPPF HQ!
The US just passed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the most ambitious climate bill ever. How does this fit into the broader competition between the US and China?
The new European Unitary Patent System is ready for take off! Now what does this mean concretely for Chinese companies, and your business in Europe? What will be litigated in the Unified Patent Court?
Since the end of 2022, China has gradually started opening up its borders again. The perfect time now to pick up some communication skills in Chinese. Join our online business Chinese classes!
In light of the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit, the BCECC is pleased to invite you to its annual cocktail reception to celebrate Chinese New Year at the prestigious Africapalace in Tervuren.
What are some of the risks and benefits of exporting your products to China? How can we assess the general business environment in China? 
Do you want to gain a better understanding of the benefits of investing in green development in China? Join us on 20 December!
What are some of the core trends of FDI in China during recent years? Which countries and sectors make up the biggest part of European investments? Let’s shed some light on European FDI in China during recent years!