Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC)

More business opportunities in China during the economic slowdown?


Despite the economic slowdown, there are still plenty of growth opportunities for foreign companies in China. There is a clear need for international collaboration in some growing industries in China, for products such as Intelligent Connected Vehicles and semi-conductors. The digital economy is still booming, and many chances for cross-over cooperation have emerged in sectors such as in 3D printing technology.

Are you a Benelux company looking for opportunities in China? Don’t hesitate to register to the BCECC’s webinar “More business opportunities in China during the economic slowdown?” on July 7, 2022 at 10:00 CET (16:00 CST) to find out how your business can tap the current blossoming business climate!

10:00-10:10: Opening words by Mr. Bernard Dewit, Chairman of the Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC)
10:10-10:30: Presentation by Mr. Wenhuan Xia, Vice President of 761C·Space & Secretary General of the Beijing Belt & Road International Co-Incubation (ICI)
10:30-10:50: Presentation by Mr. Yufang Guo, Chairman of Jomec International
10:50-11:05: Q&A session
11:05-11:15: Closing remarks by Mr. Bernard Dewit, Chairman of the Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC)

About our speakers:

Mr. Wenhuan Xia (Alvin Xia) is Vice President of 761C Space and Secretary General of Beijing Belt & Road International Co-Incubation (ICI). He is currently also working as International Technology Transfer Expert of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), Vice Chairman of the Beijing Technology Market Association, Advisory Board Member of ENRICH, senior advisor of CHOICE and Senior Advisor of Dragon Star. He has had a very strong experience with International technology transfers and international M&A for many years, and successfully organized over 100 large-scale international technology transfer conferences and international B2B activities, while facilitating the landing of international projects.

Mr. Yufang Guo started his career as a teaching assistant at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and began his research service in international law and finance for nearly three decades in the early 1990s. He has successively served as the manager of Deloitte in China; the Director of the China office of Blackstone Law Firm; the Director of the Asian business of Arthur Andersen, as well as being a global partner of the Clairford International Investment Banking Group. In 2003, Mr. Guo Yufang founded the Jomec Group and served as the Chairman of the group. Mr. Guo is the first foreign director of the Hebei Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade.

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