Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC)

Past events

What are the new challenges that our companies and institutes are facing and where are the opportunities for collaboration and market development in science and technology?
What is the current sourcing situation in China, and how can you adapt your company’s strategy to it?
Join the BCECC and BDO’s event to examine green mobility and the current fiscal state of affairs of the electrification of the car park!
Register yourself to our company visit for an insider view into the AC Brussels dealership in Brussels, as well as the Volvo factory in Ghent!
Attend our event with the Belgian Ambassador and the Consul General of Shanghai to personally introduce your business to them and meet the diplomats
Join the BCECC’s webinar with the President of the Interfederal Committee for Foreign Investment Screening for all information about this crucial topic!
Did you already join China’s Number One Fair be Ofore? If not, maybe you’re not sure about the benefits for your business, or how to register yourself? In that case, be sure to join our free webinar on 9 October.
Explore potential cooperation opportunities between the EU and China on combatting climate change during the BCECC’s and Fipra’s panel discussion on 9 October!
Join our company visit to Active Ants, part of the bpostgroup, and discover the latest e-commerce and e-logistics updates for your business
Looking for high-quality Chinese products? Select your prospective Chinese suppliers and profit from on-site one-to-one B2B matchmaking to fit your business needs during the BCECC and Made in China’s B2B event on 27 September!
Will China seek an expanded regional role? Or does it have superpower’s ambitions? Join our webinar with former French Ambassador Mr. Gourdault-Montagne!
What will be the implications of the new legislations of the European Green Deal for the business strategies of European and Chinese companies? How about the arbitration?