Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC)

Business Chinese language courses


Whether you’re the CEO of a company or on the front lines of customer service, if your industry does business with China, learning the language and the culture is a valuable investment of your time.

Take small steps to really converse with your Chinese business partners in their language by joining our online business Chinese language courses, starting from September 2021 and organized by the Confucius Institute at Group T – Academy and the Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC).

Objectives and timing:

General info that applies to all levels: Learn grammatical basics and receive tips and tricks on cultural differences in 10 sessions of 90 minutes each, from September 20 to November 26, 2021.

For a recap of previous editions, please click here.

Level 1:

Target group: absolute beginners who want to start from scratch

  • Learn around 150 basic words on 10 topics, such as greeting people, introducing yourself and others, your age, date and time, etc.
  • Discover how the system of pinyin and Hanzi works
  • Every Wednesday, 12:00 to 13:30 CET

Level 2:

Target group: people who are familiar with about 100 words and the pinyin system

  • Learn around 150 new words on topics such as small talk, your job, past situations, time, skills, daily routines, etc.
  • Improve your pronunciation
  • Every Thursday, 12:00 to 13:30 CET

Level 3:

Target group: advanced learners who have already mastered about 250 words

  • Learn around 150 new words on topics such as shopping, ordering food, routines, on-going actions, skills, transportation, weather, etc.
  • Refine your pronunciation even more
  • Every Friday, 12:00 to 13:30 CET

BCECC members: €120/person (VAT Excl.)
Non-members: €150/person (VAT Excl.)

Live interactive webinars on Zoom
Participants will receive digital handouts, audio files and some suggested apps.