Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC)

Mini survey: Communication Challenges between HQ and China


As you know, the pandemic has put severe travel restrictions to and from China. If you are a company with an office, factory or other partners in China, you might have experienced the impact of the decrease in travel on your communication with China and your business. 

The Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC) and the Benelux Chamber of Commerce in China (BenCham) are interested in how travel limitations are posing difficulties to open and clear interactions between Benelux and China based teams, and which solutions can be applied to reduce the risk of mutual distancing.

We have therefore developed a short survey, designed for businesses with teams in both China and the Benelux.  Please take 5 minutes to fill in our survey, so we can share the outcome with the Benelux business community. All answers will of course be dealt with anonymously, and more than one person in your company may fill out this form.

To fill in the mini survey, please click here!