Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC)

CCTV interviews BCECC Chairman Bernard Dewit about Sino-Belgian cooperation


The World Economic Forum 2024 Annual Meeting convened on January 15 in Davos, Switzerland, bringing together representatives from over 100 governments, major international organizations, 1,000 partner companies of the forum, as well as leaders from social organizations, top experts, youth representatives, social entrepreneurs, and the media. Attendees highlighted the significance of China’s economic recovery in 2023 for global economic growth. Many international figures expressed confidence in China’s development prospects, emphasizing its commitment to peaceful development, provision of opportunities, and its exemplary role in global development.

In discussing China’s development, Mr. Dewit, Chairman of BCECC, emphasizes the modern and dynamic aspects of the country. Expressing a desire for increased collaboration between Europe and China, particularly in cultural exchange and scientific and technological research, he envisions a shared effort toward making the world a better place.

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