Breakfast Event: “A European perspective to China’s business climate”

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The Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC), the Benelux Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, MS Advisory, EU SME Centre, and EuroChambres had the pleasure to organize the 2019 Benelux Road Show Breakfast Seminar, hosted at the EuroChambres Offices in Brussels on Wednesday June 26, 2019.

Though the Chinese economy has been experiencing pressure from developments such as the China-US Trade War and slowing economic growth, the Chinese GDP according to statistics from Reuters grew with 6.6% in 2018 – which is still a solid growth rate as compared to many other developing and developed economies around the world.

Both 2018 and early 2019 have shown many new reforms to be introduced, which includes the Individual Income Tax (IIT) Reform, new Negative List, Foreign Investment Law (to be implemented in 2020) and reductions in VAT and Corporate Income Tax rates. These have been implemented in a bid to further stabilize the economy and stimulate economic activity for 2019.

How have Benelux companies performed in light of all of this? What are the developments that impact companies the most? What opportunities could arise in the near future?
Participants could find out about it during our breakfast event.

You will find below some pictures of the event. (C) BCECC