Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC)

The BCECC and POM Limburg visit Anima Research Center on Health Campus


Health Campus Diepenbeek* in Limburg will be a center for healthcare innovations that houses companies in innovative patient-oriented health solutions and connects them with knowledge institutions and other stake holders in healthcare.

The Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC) and POM Limburg organized a company visit to the Anima Research Center (ARC), based at this Diepenbeek Health Campus, on 10 June 2022. As one of the key players on the Diepenbeek Health Campus and an important clinical trial center for the discovery of new treatments for diseases, they contributed greatly to various COVID vaccines studies, amongst others.

After Dr. Roeland Buckinx (Manager of Health Campus Limburg)’s introduction on the unique healthcare climate of the Health Campus, Principal Investigator Dr. Erik Buntinx presented some highlights in the development of the Anima Research Center, explained why clinical trials are so important for the discovery of new treatments, and showed the participants around the building. Thanks to his expertise and enthusiasm, participants gained a better view on what participating to clinical trials looks like at ARC, how they contribute to a better healthcare climate in Limburg and their position on the international market.

*Health Campus Diepenbeek’s unique welfare eco system successfully interconnecting Limburg with Belgian and foreign companies active in the following area:

  • Drug development companies from compound to contract development (and manufacturing) organizations with a (potential) need for clean rooms
  • Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP or personalised medicines) from testing phase via (pre-)clinical trails through development, production & distribution
  • Biomedical companies focused on manufacturing of patient specific biocompatible materials
  • In-vitro solutions for humans & animals
  • Digital medicine solutions in the form of (about to be ) clinically-validated digital diagnostics & therapeutics hardware and software solutions that broadly support the practice of medicine from prevention through rehabilitation.
  • Micro & nano electronics for the development & production for smart sensing and smart delivery technology for the health & care economy
  • Transmural care solutions that are data driven & based on smart (medical) algorithms for individuals and population groups.

For some pictures of the event, please have a look in the gallery below.