The Small Town – A Modern Chinese Theatre & Huai Opera


After 30 years away a wealthy businessman returns to a small town in Jiangsu Province, China. He is here on a mission to find the man who rescued him all those years ago and to show his gratitude with a gift of 5 million Yuan.

News of the businessman’s intentions spreads fast. Qin, the mayor of the small town, calls Teacher Zhu for help in finding the missing hero. But after days of searching no trace of the man or information about the rescue itself can be found. Too much has changed in the intervening years. Teacher Zhu and his wife Xue face a dilemma; should they continue in their search for the mysterious man or should they take advantage of the situation and the 5 million Yuan fortune.

The Small Town intends to open a new world of both Chinese modern and traditional theatrical practice to the international audience. This production travels to Belgium in April and perform two times at the De Nieuwe Vrede in Antwerp.

Date & Timing:
23 April 2019
20:00 – 22:00

De Nieuwe Vrede
Vredestraat 16-22
2600 Antwerp

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