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Hainan Airlines plans to resume Shenzhen-Brussels route from June 21

Hainan Airlines plans to resume the Shenzhen-Brussels route from June 21. This is Hainan Airlines’ second direct flight to Belgium after the Beijing-Brussels route, and it is also Hainan Airlines’ sixth international route out of Shenzhen.

The Shenzhen-Brussels route is operated by B787-9 wide-body passenger aircraft. From June 21, there will be two round-trip flights per week, and the flights will be every Wednesday and Sunday. The outbound flight departs from Shenzhen at 01:55 and arrives in Brussels at 8:00. The estimated flight time is 12 hours and 5 minutes. The return flight departs from Brussels at 11:50 and arrives in Shenzhen at 05:00 the next day. The estimated flight time is 11 hours. 10 minutes, all above are local time.

Brussels is the capital and largest city of Belgium. It is the seat of the main administrative agencies of the European Union and the headquarters of many international organizations. It is known as the “Heart of Europe”. Through Brussels, passengers can quickly transfer to many cities in Europe, Africa, and North America. At Brussels Airport, convenient services such as visa-free transit and luggage check-in can be realized. Hainan Airlines is currently operating direct flights from Beijing to Brussels, and the resumption of the Shenzhen-Brussels route will further boost the cultural and economic exchanges between China and Belgium.

As one of the important hub sites of Hainan Airlines, Shenzhen has abundant domestic and international routes. At present, Hainan Airlines has 6 international direct flights departing from Shenzhen, among which Shenzhen-Vancouver, Shenzhen-Phnom Penh, Shenzhen-Paris are in operation, and Shenzhen-Rome, Shenzhen-Auckland, Shenzhen-Brussels will start sailing one after another. The network radiates to North America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, etc.

Hainan Airlines has a rich network of domestic routes in Shenzhen, including Shenzhen-Beijing, Shenzhen-Chongqing, Shenzhen-Chengdu, Shenzhen-Hangzhou, Shenzhen-Nanjing, Shenzhen-Shanghai Pudong, Shenzhen-Wenzhou, Shenzhen-Xi’an, Shenzhen-Urumqi, etc. There are 30 routes and nearly 60 flights per day, among which the routes to Weifang, Fuyang, Hanzhong, Yulin and other places are Hainan Airlines’ solo routes. The abundant domestic routes greatly facilitate passengers to take international routes via Shenzhen from all over the country. In the future, Hainan Airlines will continue to increase the construction of the Shenzhen hub site, inject vitality into the development of Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area, and build a communication bridge to the world through gradually enriching domestic and international route networks and high-quality services.

So far, Hainan Airlines has resumed and opened new operations Beijing-Brussels, Beijing-Moscow, Beijing-St. Petersburg, Beijing-Belgrade, Beijing-Berlin, Beijing-Manchester, Beijing-Bangkok, Beijing-Tel Aviv, Beijing-Taipei, Beijing-Tokyo , Beijing-Osaka, Xi’an-Tokyo, Xi’an-Hong Kong, Shanghai-Tel Aviv, Chongqing-Rome, Chongqing-Madrid, Changsha-London, Shenzhen-Vancouver, Shenzhen-Paris, Shenzhen-Phnom Penh, Haikou-Hong Kong, Haikou-Bangkok, Haikou —Singapore, Haikou-Macao, Guangzhou-Phuket, Guangzhou-Bangkok, Guangzhou-Taipei international and regional round-trip passenger routes. In the future, Hainan Airlines will continue to accelerate the resumption and launch of international and regional flights to further meet the market demand for passengers entering and leaving the country.