Exclusive guided tour “China-Belgium : 120 years of shared history”

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120 years ago, His Majesty Leopold II invited Vice King Li Hongzhang to an official dinner organized in his honor at the Palais Royal in Brussels. During this dinner, the foundations of mutual co-operation between Belgium, the 5th industrial power at the time, and China, an empire of 400 million inhabitants which wanted to enter the circle of modern nations, were established.

On the occasion of the 120th anniversary of history between China and Belgium, BCECC was delighted to invite you to an exclusive guided tour of the exhibition “China-Belgium : 120 years of shared history” on Thursday April 20, 2017 in Brussels. This historical exhibition, accompanied by original documents, photographies and archival films, highlights the centenary history that links these two countries.

After a presentation “From Cairo to Tientsin, 140 years of Belgian trams abroad” by Mr. Roland Dussart-Desart, Mr Charles Lagrange introduced the exhibition by giving an overview of the relations between China and Belgium. Finally, the participants enjoyed the exhibition and a cocktail reception.

Please find below some articles about the event.
Ambassador Qu Xing attends the opening ceremony of the “China-Belgium : 120 years of shared history” exhibition by the Chinese Embassy in Belgium.
A news report by Tianjin TV Satellite channel
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Please find below some pictures of the event.