Discover Cathay Pacific Business Plus


Business Plus is a programme that rewards companies for flying on Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon for business travel. It helps your company to better manage business travel bookings while rewarding both the company and its employees. There are 5 tiers in this programme, as each tier is reached, your company can unlock rewards.

Programme Overview
Business Plus rewards your company for business travel bookings, simplifies the process of managing business travel, and enables auto tracking and reporting of your bookings and Business Plus points.

Earn and accrue Business Plus points to get more rewards and status privilege. All rewards earned maximise value of your company’s travel expenses and enhance the business travel experience for your employees

Booking Management
The assigned travel manager has exclusive rights to manage its travellers’ bookings, rewards assignment and other administrative functions to effectively oversee and manage the company’s Business Plus account.

Tracking and Reporting
All bookings and Business Plus points accruals are automatically tracked. Travel Manager can better manage the travel expenses with simple access to the travel reports.

You will learn more about the Business Plus programme in the video here below.