China Press Review – September 8, 2017

Press review

China’s August exports rise 5.5 per cent, imports up 13.3 per cent
Country’s trade surplus is US$41.99 billion for the month, its lowest since May.

China August imports beat expectations, but exports disappoint
China on Friday reported August exports were up 5.5 percent from a year earlier in dollar terms, while imports were up 13.3 percent in dollar terms

Exports to China called vital for US
Business council report comes after Washington probe, threat to cut trade

A Look At China’s Increasing Importance To The U.S. Economy
The export of U.S. goods to China are lower than they were in 2013 and 2014, but looking closer at the trade figures shows just how important China is to the U.S. economy. While there is an ever-widening trade gap between the two nations, the U.S. is exporting more goods and service to China, on balance, each year. Whether or not this makes it harder for the Trump Administration to go ahead with increasing duties on certain Made in China items remains to be seen. Such a move would be met with retaliation from Beijing, impacting numbers like these below

China’s old growth model keeps slowdown at bay
China’s economy continues to defy expectations for a slowdown, buoyed by strong global demand for its exports and a resilient property market – despite a government pledge to crack down on rising risks. Beijing’s efforts to consolidate and restructure its industrial sector is paying dividends as profits rise, while strong fiscal spending and sustained infrastructure investment have ensured domestic demand stays strong.

China’s huge currency rally could have further to go, analysts say
China’s yuan has appreciated nearly 2 pc against the dollar this week, against a favourable backdrop and growing bearishness towards the greenback

China: Reforms, then the Politburo – ING
Economic activity in China continues to run well, so the authorities can keep their focus on deleveraging and other reforms and the market seems to be waiting for announcements from the Politburo, which is a meeting to re-arrange the top leaders in the Communist Party (meeting expected to be held in 2H17), according to analysts at ING.

China’s local bad-asset managers drift from policy mandate
China’s local bad-asset management companies are following the “big four” national bad banks in diversifying away from their policy mandate but, facing stiff competition, many have to rely on some shadow banking activities.

Why China’s power sector restructuring is a game of mergers and demergers
Restructuring of China’s electricity generation industry looks set to come full circle with a reconsolidation of state-owned majors, some of which were established only 15 years ago through the break-up of former behemoth State Power Corporation into five big generation firms.

Solar industry says EU tariffs on Chinese imports will raise panel prices
EU duties on Chinese solar modules are set to rise 30% above market levels signalling ‘huge negative effects’ for businesses

Gone with the wind? China determined to end wind power subsidies by 2020
First batch of wind farms approved that will not benefit from higher tariffs for their electricity relative to those of coal-fired generators

China’s answer to GPS spawning a $36bn industry

Can China curb endemic corruption before its economy slows and people lose faith?
Dan Hough says China’s impressive economic results have defied those who say corruption and growth don’t go together, but this, and the Chinese people’s unfailing hope for the future, won’t last forever

Fugitive Chinese tycoon Guo Wengui seeks asylum in the US
It could take longer than the average time of two to three years for the US government to grant the controversial billionaire asylum status

Why China’s latest World Cup failure might actually be a high point for a team requiring massive rebuild
With an ageing team, a lack of young talent coming through and few creative players, the next qualifying campaign for the World Cup could be even tougher

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