China Press Review – September 6, 2017

Press review

2019 could be the year China’s GDP statistics finally add up
China is cleaning up the environment for statistical work and ensuring that there’s no interference by officials, says economist Sheng Laiyun

The days of flimsy Chinese economic data may be coming to an end
In an interview with Bloomberg, Sheng said that Chinese authorities are taking several measures to enhance the veracity of the GDP reports, adopting the latest United Nations-based statistical standards, gathering more comprehensive data from a major census next year, and cutting local interference and double accounting by computing GDP for the provinces instead of relying on their own reports.

Five things to know about China’s huge anti-poverty drive
Poverty alleviation is expected to be a major policy goal of President Xi Jinping during his second term in office after a Communist Party congress this autumn, according to analysts.

China should do to North Korea what the US did to Grenada — invade
A half starved North Korean army is unlikely to prove much resistance to modern Chinese forces. Let’s clear out the odious people seeding a global conflict

The Way to Make North Korea Back Down
Threats of American military action are empty bluster. But money talks.

Asia’s foreign reserves reach record high

The Great Shift of Global Economic Power
Economics BRIC economies continue to grow. In the late 2020s, the size of China’s economy will surpass that of the US. By the early 2030s, the BRICs’ combined economic power will surpass that of major advanced nations.

Forget privatisation, Xi has other big plans for bloated state firms
More private investment is designed to improve their efficiency, but critics say the measures will prop up the huge, bloated and protected firms, stifling competition

China’s central bank winning its numbers game over currency
Foreign exchange reserves forecast to rise again as analysts highlight success in hitting targets for yuan

Chinese ecommerce giant shows off its first ever ‘robot warehouse’
A Chinese tech giant has opened its first fully automated sorting center where robots and machines handle 9,000 online shopping orders per hour – with hardly a human in sight.

China’s fintech firms eye overseas IPOs to fund growth as regulations tighten at home
A new wave of initial public offerings (IPOs) by mainland Chinese financial technology (fintech) companies is taking shape as dozens of unprofitable technology start-ups rush to raise funds overseas amid tightened regulations at home.

China isn’t ready for safe haven status
Liquidity – the ability to get money in and out of a nation is a vital determinant of safe-haven status

Copper Is Sending A Message About China’s Economy
Over the past few weeks we’ve talked about the rise in the price of copper, and the relationship copper and base metals have with China, the world’s largest consumer of commodities.

Debt’s so bad even China bankers call it a ‘bubble’
It is not news that Chinese debt is regarded as a risk to global financial stability. But it is news that the situation is so bad that even Chinese bank executives are willing to say they’re in a bubble.

Is China Really Helping Africa?
Investment in Africa has however been structured around Chinese ownership, with roughly 90% of firms either majority controlled or owned outright by Chinese nationals. There are estimated to be over 10,000 Chinese firms in Africa that have created work for several million Africans. This economic stimulus continues to have significant economic impact in communities riddled with historic economic disparities.

Is China Really Helping Africa?

Disillusioned Chinese students learn that overseas study no longer guarantees a good job
Graduates returning home to look for work are faced with increased competition and lower salaries

Why Australian universities have upset Chinese students
In four prominent cases in recent months, Chinese students at Australian universities have complained about teaching materials being incorrect or insulting to China.

China’s clout has few limits. Shouldn’t we be worried about its new Silk Road?
Chinese President Xi’s global infrastructure investment programme threatens the West with more than economic dominance. He’s playing a serious political game

Huawei To Target Sweden’s Booming Fintech Scene With Data Centre Business
Reporting from Shanghai: ICT company opens up about its plans for the server business, with Europe, the US and APAC all set to be targeted for expansion as well.

Huawei to target Sweden’s booming fintech scene with data centre business

Glass is more than half full for Perrier and San Pellegrino as sales surge
Perrier has made quite a splash since Nestle SA launched the brand in China 20 years ago.Famous for its elegantly-shaped green bottle, the sparkling mineral water label has enjoyed unprecedented high growth this summer.Sister brand San Pellegrino has also cut a dash in the more upmarket restaurants across the country.

Thirst for chic bottled brands
Shoppers snap up upmarket labels with the industry projected to reach 86.5 billion yuan in 2021

Top 10 Chinese private enterprises
China’s telecom manufacturer Huawei Technologies Co Ltd ranked top among the country’s private enterprise with 521.57 billion yuan ($79 billion) in revenue in 2016, according to a list released on Aug 24.

Hong Kong’s economy may soon be eclipsed by the Chinese city next door
Hong Kong is on the verge of seeing its economy surpassed in size by the former fishing village Shenzhen, a role reversal long foreshadowed by China’s massive supply of cheap labor and subsidized capital.

Paper jam in Hong Kong as mainland China tightens requirements on waste imports
Fully-loaded barges of paper waste have been sitting idle in Hong Kong’s berths since Friday – with 4,000 tonnes alone at Gin Drinkers Bay in Tsuen Wan

About 14% people carry no cash in China
About 14 percent people don’t carry any cash when they go out, as mobile payments replace wallets in China, French market research firm Ipsos reported Tuesday.

Marriage rate down, divorce rate up as more Chinese couples say ‘I don’t’ or ‘I won’t any more’
Trends are a concern for ruling Communist Party, which regards families as the building blocks of society

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