China Press Review – September 13, 2017

Press review

Chinese premier on guard against financial risks
Roundtable attendees acknowledged progress on China’s efforts to transform its economic structure and called for more of the same going forward, Li said.

Chinese premier underscores support for free trade, globalization
The value added of the services sector accounted for 54.1 percent of GDP growth and consumption has become the primary growth driver, contributing 63.4 percent to economic growth in the first half of 2017.

China becoming more of an influence on world economy: Fitch economist
When the US sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold. Now that description for many years by economists and others of the US impact on the global economy can replace “US” with “China”, said Brian Coulton, chief economist for Fitch Ratings.

Optimism returns to China’s economy
Those who worry about the state of the Chinese economy can relax, as recent economic indicators suggest the good times are back.

‘Too big to fail’ SOEs are holding back China’s financial reform, says CLSA report
‘So long as the state remains as a shareholder, however small, it is hard for private investors to make a difference,’ says brokerage

‘A yuan should be a yuan’, deputy head of China’s foreign exchange regulator says
Having a single value for the currency could help resolve problem of massive capital flows, Lu Lei says

US Investigating Imports of Stainless Steel Flanges from China and India
Commerce Department Contemplates Antidumping Duty and Countervailing Duties

US Investigating Imports of Stainless Steel Flanges from China and India

Deciphering China’s trade deceptions
China’s accusations that India is using anti-dumping measures as a form of trade war are disingenuous at best

Governments want to control cryptocurrencies — but there’s a danger to too many rules
Regulators in the U.S., Singapore, Japan and China are looking into regulatory measures to control the growth in digital tokens

Two reasons why China’s currency doesn’t have more global clout
The government should promote the use of the yuan to make international financial payments and make it much easier to do it, says former central bank adviser

Robots finds a welcome reception among China’s finance and tax services
Mainland based accountants are embracing automation to lower office administration costs and enhance efficiency, moves which are opening the door to a wider embrace of artificial intelligence (AI).

China plastic demand to rise as foreign waste ban curbs recycling
Beijing plans to stop importing garbage by the end of the year in effort to tackle pollution problems, modernise industry

Aluminium giant Zhongwang buys Germany’s Alunna as springboard into Europe
Alunna boasts a heavyweight list of clients including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Mercedes-Benz and BMW

China’s newly wealthy families favour real estate, equities, and are increasingly looking abroad, study says
Among the findings in the Global Family Office Report 2017, wealthy families in Asia-Pacific are more proactively than their global counterparts in grooming the next generation for succession

China’s 2017 outbound real estate investment to match or exceed 2016
Even as China tightens its reins on capital outflow, the country’s 2017 outbound investment into commercial properties is projected to at least match the US$30 billion recorded last year.

China’s 2017 outbound real estate investment to match or exceed 2016

Here are the countries that invested the most in the US last year — and China didn’t even make the top 10
Perhaps surprisingly, China pumped $58.2 billion into America last year, almost five times less than Ireland ($279.6 billion).

Trump is ‘gift’ for China’s EU agenda
The country is rolling out infrastructure investments in the so-called Belt and Road project to help ship goods to Europe. It is pouring money into central and eastern European states, such as Hungary and Poland, and southern EU countries, such as Greece and Portugal. Its state-linked experts, from the China Centre for International Economic Exchanges in Beijing, also cowrote the study – EU-China Economic Relations to 2025 – that Bruegel’s Garcia-Herrero took part in.They said the EU and China should quickly conclude an “investment agreement” that would pave the way for a future free-trade pact and that they should relax visa requirements for each other’s businessmen and students.

China takes gold in race to develop billion dollar start-up ‘unicorns’
China’s start-ups can catapult to billion dollar valuations in far less time than their US counterparts, new research shows

Why investors should care about China’s Communist Party congress
The five-yearly meeting to be held next month will see personnel changes in the top leadership that will have significant implications for economic policies, in particular the future of the country’s reform push

The rise of China through the eyes of China
In sum, China is a complex state, one whose position in the world and whose perceptions of that world order are still developing. To view it through a simple theoretical lens is to reduce its complexities to sound-bites and platitudes.

The rise of China through the eyes of China

China and India: The Roots of Hostility
China’s economy and military are both nearly five times the size of India’s. The Chinese contend that their economic success proves the superiority of “the China model.”

China plans nationwide use of bioethanol fuel by 2020
China plans to use bioethanol gasoline nationwide by 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission and National Energy Administration (NEA) said Wednesday.

What the World’s Emptiest International Airport Says About China’s Influence
Chinese projects all over the world can create debt traps for the countries they’re in — and perhaps also trap China on the road to empire

Can Chinese manufacturers ever be clean, green and profitable? Garment factories search for the answer
Wastewater recycling is just one ‘innovation’ China’s clothes producers are adopting in a bid to keep pace with buyers’ and government demands

AI industry in need of a helping hand
Finding the right staff is the biggest challenge as Chinese companies expand the artificial intelligence frontier and compete globally

China’s large-cap share rally shows signs of faltering
Measure of the 50 biggest companies on the Shanghai Stock Exchange drops 0.8 per cent so far this month

China stocks slowly extend climb as investor confidence builds
China stocks edged up on Wednesday to hover near 20-month highs as robust economic growth and hopes of further reforms bolster investors’ confidence, even as regulators tap the brakes on riskier types of credit.

Li Keqiang: Stable employment is a big achievement of the Chinese economy
The surveyed unemployment rate in 31 large cities has dropped below 5% since last September, the lowest in years. For a major developing country with a population of 1.3 billion, nothing would be more important than relatively sufficient employment

VPN Crackdown Hits Science, Business Communities
The firm’s survey of Chinese internet users found that 14 percent use a virtual private network (VPN) daily. For China’s online population of 731 million, this means 100 million regular users.

VPN Crackdown Hits Science, Business Communities

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