China Press Review – October 17, 2018

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Chinese Premier Li Keqiang: China to increase imports from Belgium, deepen cooperation
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is in Belgium for an official visit. During a press conference with his counterpart Charles Michel, the premier said Beijing attached great importance to their bilateral relations, and that the sides had deep and candid exchanges on regional and international issues of mutual concern.

Li’s trip paves the way for new China-Europe synergies
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is on a visit to Europe. The development of ties with the EU and its member states at the bilateral level is in Beijing’s interest. Li’s visit began in the Netherlands from where he went to Belgium. Economic opportunities are apparent. China’s bilateral trade with the Netherlands reached $78.6 billion and with Belgium $23.2 billion in 2017. Among EU member states, the Netherlands was the largest importer of goods from China in that year.

People-to-people, cultural exchanges vitalize China-Belgium ties
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will attend the 12th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) summit in Brussels this week and pay a working visit to Belgium, which is known as the “Heart of Modern Europe.”

How Trump’s trade war is driving China nuts
Chinese leader Xi Jinping has reacted to American pressure with a level of desperation that is good for neither Washington nor Beijing

China’s economy may suffer under Donald Trump’s cold war but the US shouldn’t count on stopping it
Andrew K.P. Leung says that whatever US’ reasons, and whatever methods it may use, China is far too integrated into global supply chains for the US containment strategy to end its upwards trajectory

US-China tensions soar as ‘new cold war’ heats up
Special force soldiers at a military port in Qingdao, Shandong province of China. Photograph: VCG/VCG via Getty Images
Rivalry escalates amid concerns over trade, as warships nearly collide and an FBI trap angers Beijing

Chinese Communist Party newspaper People’s Daily counters ‘pessimistic’ views on trade war impact
Beijing launches propaganda effort to counter growing public pessimism about the country’s economic prospects

Why Economists Are Chewing Over China’s Instant Noodle Sales
Instant noodle sales are heating up across China, but the rise may indicate an economy in hot water.

How China’s falling stock market mirrors its failing economic policy
Chen Zhao says the repeated cycle of fiscal and monetary tightening followed by stimulus measures is largely driven by Beijing’s flawed deleveraging policy, and the drop in stock prices is just the latest phase

China economic health check may show slowing GDP growth in wake of trade war
With the country’s growth engines of investment, consumer spending and exports close to peak capacity, tariffs pose a big challenge for the Chinese leadership

State control over Chinese economy to grow – German engineers
China is likely to strengthen state control over the economy in the coming years despite tentative signs of an opening, Germany’s VDMA mechanical engineering association said on Tuesday. In a paper on the Chinese market presented at its annual conference in Berlin, the VDMA also urged the German government to maintain political pressure on Beijing, saying this was the only way to secure the future of German companies in China.

China, World’s Biggest Exporter, Tries Branding Itself as an Importer …

Will the West’s Imperialist Past Be China’s Future?
It’s unfair to evaluate China’s past — and it’s future — through a lens dominated by European thinking.

China’s stocks rise first time this week on prospect of government bailout plan
China’s stocks rose on Wednesday for the first time this week, led by smaller companies, on optimism that the Shenzhen government will take measures to bail out companies hit by the liquidity squeeze.

Scholar says claims of China currency manipulation “total rubbish” – paper
Claims that China is trying to devalue the yuan to boost exports are “total rubbish”, a former advisor to China’s central bank was quoted as saying by the official English-language China Daily newspaper on Wednesday.

China wants to further boost ties in Central, East Europe
An official says China wants to further boost cooperation with Central and Eastern Europe where it is already financing infrastructure and other projects as part of a wider bid to increase global influence

China wants to further boost ties in Central, East Europe

China’s P2P Lending Sector Is in Serious Trouble
Facing stricter regulation, China’s P2P lending sector is declining rapidly, and could even collapse entirely. P2P lending has been lucrative in China with little constraining regulation. The industry is worth as much as $120 billion and has been high-risk, but high return.

China’s P2P Lending Sector Is in Serious Trouble

Roubini’s crypto critique warns of China’s ‘looming threat’
Professor Nouriel Roubini’s recent testimony to the US Senate highlighted the ‘nefarious’ control that China has over the world’s crypto ecosystem

China may seek to boost ties with Saudi Arabia but it ‘can’t fill US arms sales gap’
Beijing could try to expand relations with Riyadh if Washington imposes sanctions over disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi

Chinese Crackdown on Traveling Personal Shoppers Dents Luxury Stocks
Luxury imports are big business in China, with the country’s burgeoning middle and upper classes driving global demand. Still, many Chinese consumers don’t go to their local Louis Vuitton or Gucci outlet to make purchases; they instead buy from private re-sellers online. Many of these re-sellers are so-called daigou, personal shoppers who travel abroad where branded luxury goods can be cheaper and personally bring them back to China. The practice operates in a legal gray area, and Chinese authorities have finally started to crack down and are inspecting returning tourists’ bags for undeclared goods, sending shares of some luxury brands tumbling.

Chinese Crackdown on Traveling Personal Shoppers Dents Luxury Stocks

Trump Opens New Front in His Battle With China: International Shipping
President Trump plans to withdraw from a 144-year-old postal treaty that has allowed Chinese companies to ship small packages to the United States at a steeply discounted rate, undercutting American competitors and flooding the market with cheap consumer goods.

Spain’s Osborne Group, the 246-year-old Spanish food-and-beverage company known for its fine wines and acorn-fed ham, has joined Tmall.

How digital tools are helping brands reach Chinese consumers
Luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Christian Dior and Gucci are using digital tools, such as WeChat and Weibo, to connect with Chinese millennials

Ford seeks China boost with new cars and electric vehicle venture during trade war
The Territory model will be the first of several SUVs Ford is rolling out in China; the company also plans to launch a range of electric small cars in the country

Tesla buys plot of land for its first factory in China
The electric carmaker has bought an 864,885-square-meter plot in Shanghai’s Lingang area, reports CNBC. The land will eventually house the company’s first Chinese factory. Officials from Lingang announced the deal but declined to say for how much Tesla had purchased the land.

Hurun Report: four out of top five most successful women entrepreneurs globally are Chinese
Yang Huiyan of Country Garden is China’s most wealthy woman entrepreneur

China calls for power-grid cooperation
China wants Japan and South Korea to help it construct a power grid for East Asia. The country made the call at an international symposium in Beijing on Tuesday.

China Trademarks: Too Good to be True
There are those who take money to file trademarks in China and then simply run away. A new client told me he had sent about $750 to what he thought was a legitimate China law firm to have his company’s brand name registered. As soon as the first $750 hit Shanghai, he was asked to send an additional $600 to “cover the filing fees,” which he did. A week later the website was down and the Shanghai “firm” was gone. It turns out this scam is actually pretty common and it also turns out that in every case of which I am aware the scammers were neither licensed Chinese lawyers nor licensed Chinese trademark agents. In other words, they are just people who run China trademark registration scams

China Trademarks: Too Good to be True

China Trademarks: The Dunhill Lessons
The press coverage (which apparently took its cue from the PR release) trumpeted the size of the award and the groundbreaking nature of the victory. To an observer unfamiliar with China trademark practice, both of these claims might seem odd in that the infringement was obvious, outrageous, and longstanding. The infringing company selected a name (“Danhuoli”) similar to Dunhill and then mimicked the elongated vertical lines and lower-case lettering of the Dunhill logo to create a copycat brand identity. And they were apparently successful at it, with more than 200 low-budget clothing stores (franchises, according to the South China Morning Post) in more than 61 cities across China. And just in case there was any doubt about their intent, the infringing company also created a Hong Kong parent company called Dunhill Group.

China Trademarks: The Dunhill Lessons

China minister urges more oversight of large pig farms amid disease epidemic
China’s vice agriculture minister said on Wednesday that local governments should step up their oversight of large-scale pig farms and breeding farms amid an escalating battle to control the spread of the highly contagious African swine fever

South China Sea is Beijing’s top foreign policy priority with developing nations, US think tank says
Southeast Asia, with its close political, economic and cultural ties, is the most important developing region for China, Rand Corp says

China’s ‘leftovers’
LITERALLY translated, the Chinese word ‘sheng nu’ means ‘leftover women’. The term refers to women, generally over 30 but sometimes younger, who have failed to find husbands. According to research, the chances of a Chinese woman finding a husband after that age plummet. In the words of a Chinese scholar who studies the subject, “It is as if a Chinese woman is driven off the showroom floor on her 30th birthday, she instantly loses her retail value. Add a graduate degree, and she is essentially on clearance sale

Soft power goes hard: China’s economic interest in the Pacific comes with strings attached
China’s economic expansion into the Pacific Islands region raises critical questions for both the islands and Australia. What happens if infrastructure loans by Chinese banks and authorised state enterprises to vulnerable Pacific Island nations cannot be repaid? What consequences of default can be anticipated? Are there military dimensions?

Debate over Western media’s reports on China
Mr Yang Fuqing said that while international press coverage of China was increasing and becoming more positive, the coverage by media organisations such as the BBC and CNN still lacked balance.

China’s new diplomacy in Europe has a name: broken porcelain
Beijing’s message to Sweden and beyond – criticise us, and we’ll topple your agenda – won’t win it any hearts and minds

China to Norway: You are Obsessed With Human Rights
Norwegian royal couple, foreign minister, and industry minister visited China today. Questions from Norwegian journalists about human rights abuses in China angered Chinese Foreign Ministry.

China to Norway: You are Obsessed With Human Rights

China disappearances show Beijing sets its own rules
The recent disappearances of two high-profile Chinese citizens have once again focused international attention on China’s legal system and its use of secret detentions.

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