China Press Review – March 25, 2020

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China is winning the coronavirus battle but losing the economic war
The battering the economy took in January and February is only now becoming clear. But with the pandemic raging, Beijing should expect more economic convulsions. The damage is likely to be greater than any stimulus policymakers can muster

Life and work will never be the same in China as the country attempts a post-virus tech restart
While the surge in use of online tools during the outbreak may subside, it has offered a glimpse of the future of working life  While the country has the world’s biggest internet population of 854 million people, 541 million are still off the grid

China’s economic recovery strategy faces challenges
China has broken the back of the coronavirus spread, and policy is shifting strongly to supporting economic growth. The challenge is huge, reflected in declines of 13.5 percent and 20.5 percent in industrial output and retail sales, respectively, in the first two months of 2020. And in February the unemployment rate jumped to 6.2 percent, an all-time high. These data points suggest that a sharp contraction in China’s first quarter GDP is inevitable.

COVID-19 Could Doom or Deliver US-China Commercial Relations
Pushing pause on tariffs and proactively pursuing sourcing opportunities with China offers the United States a smoother path through this crisis and a chance at a faster recovery.

China’s Virus-Stricken Clothing Industry Struggles to Mend
As domestic apparel and textile businesses slowly recover, the sector must now cope with global fallout.

Can “Revenge Spending” Save Luxury in China?
As the global COVID-19 situation worsens, brands are prioritizing the slow recovery of China’s market. China is embracing springtime, as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to slow. On Thursday, China reported no new cases of domestic virus infections for the first time since the outbreak began, and recent new cases have mostly come from overseas, signaling that the worst has passed as of now.

Why Are Lawmakers Punishing US E-Commerce Sites?
According to the Harvard Business Review, Greater China produces 86 percent of the world’s counterfeit products. Additionally, they highlight how fakes accounted for 12.5 percent of China’s exports in 2016.   Given the size of the market, putting an end to such a highly lucrative industry is understandably a complicated and messy affair. Nevertheless, Alibaba’s anti-counterfeiting efforts are starting to pay off. The measures taken to actively combat fakes and pirated goods include but are not limited to: expanding the Good Faith notice and takedown program of 2018, web-monitoring services, and offline investigations. Also, Alibaba uses the “most sophisticated and comprehensive proactive detection technology to date,” according to the company’s latest Intellectual Property Rights Protection Annual Report.

Nike turns to digital sales during China shutdown
Sportswear firm Nike has seen online sales rise by more than 30% in China as it rides out its coronavirus store shutdowns.

Chinese smartphone giants suspend manufacturing in India amid coronavirus lockdown
Major Chinese Android smartphone vendors Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo have temporarily shut down their factories   India’s smartphone market, the world’s biggest after China, could see a 4.2 per cent decline in shipments this year

Coronavirus: emergency G20 summit to contrast gung-ho US economic package with China’s softer approach
Emergency virtual summit of leaders from the Group of 20 major economies will take place on Thursday to discuss a global response to the coronavirus pandemic  Meeting will contrast the different approaches taken by China and Western powers to stymie the economic fallout of the outbreak

Hopes for G20 coronavirus summit truce in China-US war of words
World leaders could agree to work together to counter common threat from Covid-19 when they meet via teleconference, according to draft statement   But strategic mistrust between Beijing and Washington runs deep and there may be little more than a temporary ceasefire, analyst warns

Urgent US$2 trillion coronavirus rescue package is biggest in America’s history
Package includes direct payments to most Americans and a half-trillion-dollar fund to shore up struggling companies.    The stimulus bill comes with a price tag equivalent to 9 per cent of the nation’s gross domestic product

Coronavirus quarantine in India: unhygienic facilities, fears of cross-contamination
Some people have fled quarantine centres in India, complaining of inadequate facilities and the risk of Covid-19 infection    But the Indian government says it is complying with WHO rules and improving facilities, saying old pictures are being circulated

China’s Positive Test Results in ‘Recovered’ COVID-19 Patients Explained
Experts say that although the reason for recurring positives remains unknown, current evidence suggests there’s no need to worry about the risk of reinfection.

Explainer: China’s symptom-free coronavirus carriers raise fears of new wave of infections
The existence of a substantial but unknown number of asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus in China has raised concerns among the public that people could still be spreading COVID-19 without knowing they are sick.

How China built its health surveillance system
Health monitoring allowed cities to end lockdowns, but growing digitization and centralization of data has both citizens and experts worried.

Megvii’s open-source platform offers Chinese AI alternative
The AI startup will benefit from a wide range of developers using and improving the system.

Taiwan’s Computex joins list of  fairs affected by pandemic
The Taipei-based conference Computex is being rescheduled from June 2 to September 28. T

Coronavirus: Tokyo Olympic Games delay a blow to Japan’s economy but secondary to Covid-19 fallout
Estimates of damage from the postponement of this year’s event in Tokyo by one year range from 600 billion yen (US$5.4 billion) to 2 trillion yen (US$18 billion)   But the delay is overshadowed by the coronavirus outbreak which has deepened Japan’s recession fears having already caused tourism to grind to a halt

Coronavirus: China reopens hundreds of cinemas as virus outbreak slows, but is anybody going?
A fraction of China’s cinemas reopened last week, but most have seen only a trickle of customers amid lingering fears of coronavirus infection  Pitiful box office revenues have underlined the challenge facing Beijing as it tries to get the economy back up and running

New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal urge China to reconsider expulsion of US journalists
A joint letter from three news groups said the media is suffering ‘collateral damage’ from a diplomatic dispute between the two countries

Coronavirus Legal Issues Around the World, Part 5: Getting Products from Overseas has Never Been Riskier
In Advice for Buying Face Masks in China without Losing your Shirt, Renaud Anjoran, who heads up a top-tier international sourcing and quality control company, paints a dystopian yet accurate picture of the realities of buying face masks from China that applies to buying just about anything from China these days. Renaud too is seeing “a lot of people sending money, receiving substandard products, or not receiving anything at all.” His article then nicely sets out the specifics of buying face masks from China and how best to protect yourself from the bad actors that purport to sell such products.   Buying products from overseas has always been risky, but COVID-19 puts us at an 11 out of 10.

China’s ‘mask diplomacy’ stirs unease in pandemic-hit Europe
Beijing’s coronavirus messaging casts doubt on motivations behind its aid

10 Covid-busting designs: spraying drones, fever helmets and anti-virus snoods

Companies the world over are directing their ingenuity at the fight against the coronavirus. Here are the front-runners, from sanitising robots to a 3D-printed hospital ward

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