China Press Review – March 19, 2020

Press review

Talks on China-EU investment deal will continue, EC president says
Delayed negotiations will ‘proactively proceed’, Ursula von der Leyen tells Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in phone call, Xinhua reports     But observers question whether Beijing is trying to take advantage of Covid-19 pandemic which has left Europe heavily reliant on China for medical supplies

Coronavirus: China should avoid ‘bazooka’ efforts to rescue economy, warns top economist Yu Yongding
China has so far resisted in making major moves to offset the impact of Covid-19 in contrast to Europe and the United States    G20 leaders will hold a virtual meeting next week to put forward a coordinated set of policies in response to the global outbreak and its human and economic impact

Cash-strapped Chinese Tesla challenger NIO raises doubts about survival amid Covid-19 outbreak
The electric vehicle maker’s net loss widened to US$411.5 million in the last three months of 2019, a 13.6 per cent increase quarter-on-quarter    There is substantial doubt about the company’s ability to continue as a going concern, it says

Social enterprises are needed more than ever amid Covid-19, and Asia is the perfect place for their growth
Social enterprises, which try to meet social needs through a for-profit business model, are often at the forefront of social innovation    The region, with its vast wealth and extreme poverty, must tap its considerable resources in philanthropy and investment funds to support innovative business ideas for wider benefit

Alibaba unveils technologies to empower partners in fight against coronavirus
Alibaba Cloud, DAMO and DingTalk have joined forces to launch a series of AI technologies and cloud-based solutions to support companies and organizations worldwide in the fight against Covid-19.
These solutions were developed by Alibaba Cloud using insights and experience accumulated during the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak. The new tech offerings are designed to help business decision-makers, researchers and medical practitioners address challenges across several major areas.

Club Med operator Fosun Tourism says China recovery will help ease the pain as coronavirus shuts down European operations
Company says occupancy at its Atlantis Sanya resort in Hainan province has recovered by around 50 per cent year on year when it reopened last week   Europe’s largest ski resort operator is starting to temporarily shut down operations in Italy and France

Prada braces for a tough year ahead after coronavirus outbreak wreaks havoc in China and home market Italy
Net profit of €255.7 million for 2019 beats analysts’ estimates of €255.2 million     Months of anti-government protests in Hong Kong caused sales to fall by 1.7 per cent in Asia-Pacific, the most in the world

Chinese factories face new threat: US anti-virus controls
Factories in China, struggling to reopen after the coronavirus shut down the economy, face a new threat from U.S. anti-disease controls that might disrupt the flow of microchips and other components they need.   The shock threatens to set back the ruling Communist Party’s efforts to revive the world’s second-largest economy after it declared victory over the outbreak. It would add to pressures on global business activity as Western countries close workplaces, limit travel and tell consumers to stay home. Chinese manufacturers assemble more than 80% of smartphones for Apple, Samsung and other brands, half of the world’s personal computers and a big share of home appliances and other goods. But they need U.S. processor chips and other high-value components

Avigan coronavirus hope puts Fujifilm’s health care in focus
Drug trial in China highlights company’s industrial transformation through M&A       Fujifilm continues to call itself a photographic filmmaker, but the Tokyo-based company sees its future in the health care business.

Q&A: Expat quarantined in China shares how to survive 8 weeks of isolation
Normal life is tentatively resuming in China as the U.S. faces weeks of social distancing.

TikTok promises to let US experts guide its content moderation
Short video app TikTok has formed a group of outside experts to advise on its content-moderation policies, it said on Wednesday, the latest in a series of steps it has taken to address data security and content censorship concerns in the US.

Younger adults less immune to Covid-19 health risks than thought, US agency’s study suggests
A top American health official and US President Donald Trump urged the country’s young adults to heed social distancing guidelines    Data from Centres for Disease Control and Prevention showed that a fifth of 705 people aged 20-44 were hospitalised, with 2-4 per cent requiring intensive care

Children Less Severely Affected by COVID-19, Scientists Find
Experts have suggested that fully functional thymus glands in children may be the key to their superior resistance to the coronavirus.

‘India must prepare for a tsunami of coronavirus cases’
Dr Ramanan Laxminarayan, director of the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy has warned that India could soon be dealing with a “tsunami” of coronavirus cases.

China ‘still at risk of second wave of coronavirus cases’ despite first day with no domestic cases
Nationwide, the country recorded 34 new infections all of them from overseas   Public health experts warn it’s too soon to declare victory and imported cases risk triggering further outbreaks

As Beijing, Hong Kong face second coronavirus onslaught, quarantine gets serious
Restrictions on arrivals from overseas are toughened in a bid to hold back a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic   China is now reporting more imported new cases than domestic infections

Coronavirus: Asian nations face second wave of imported cases
It comes as these countries had been successful in controlling its domestic cases
South Korea, China and Singapore are among the Asian countries facing a second coronavirus wave, fuelled by people importing it from outside.

Coronavirus: border closures hamper Italy’s fight against Covid-19
Shipments of medical supplies to epicentre of the pandemic are being held up as Schengen area shuts down    Italy’s only representative on EU advisory panel is worried about the effects of the disruption

Over 30 percent of tourist sites reopened in China
A total of 3,714 tourist sites in 28 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities on the Chinese mainland had reopened as of Monday, accounting for over 30 percent of the total, said an official Wednesday.    This came as part of the efforts to resume work and operation in the cultural and tourism sector as the situation concerning the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is improving in the country, according to Gao Zheng, head of the industrial development department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

U.S.-China Relations Deteriorate Over Fallout from Coronavirus (COVID-19)
The relationship between the United States and China continues to deteriorate as fallout from the coronavirus (COVID-19) fundamentally alters geopolitics, economics, and society writ large.   Chinese diplomats have been spreading conspiracy theories, false rumors, and deliberate disinformation that the United States was somehow responsible for the initial spread of the virus.  China’s propaganda machine has been working tirelessly to gain control of the narrative, deflecting any blame for the virus while attempting to portray the country as heroic in its quest to assist other struggling nations.  China is attempting to frame its response to COVID-19 as a triumph for its authoritarian model of governance, in contrast to Western democracies’ failures to stem the spread of the virus.

Wuhan Police Apologize for Coronavirus Whistleblower’s Death
The move came hours after investigators announced that local authorities who had punished Dr. Li Wenliang for “spreading rumors” should correct their error.

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