China Press Review – June 12, 2018

Press review

The 10 names that matter on China policy
Trump’s skepticism of Asia was a key part of his campaign’s identity. These 10 people are dealing with the reality.

National security panel drops objections to Chinese firm’s purchase of American insurer
A large Chinese conglomerate is moving ahead with plans to acquire an American insurance company after a government panel that vets foreign deals for national security concerns dropped its objections.

After Trump-Kim summit, China says sanctions against North Korea could be eased
Beijing believes UN Security Council actions ‘should support current diplomatic efforts towards denuclearisation’, foreign ministry spokesman says

The biggest winner of the Trump-Kim summit is China
“Trump loves to characterize things as winners and losers, and Xi Jinping appears to be the biggest winner of all after the historic Trump-Kim summit,”

Here’s How U.S.-China Trade Tensions Have Created A Buying Opportunity In Emerging Markets
In recent weeks, U.S. and Chinese relations have been tense due to retaliatory tariffs and potential trade war threats between the two countries. The U.S. imposing tariffs on Chinese goods isn’t a foreign concept (i.e. Obama Administration’s 2009 tire tariffs), but rarely does the idea of a full-on trade war between two countries with the world’s largest economies come into picture.

Chinese economy steadies with faster structural transformation
The Chinese economy remained resilient last month as advanced indicators were solid and the pace of structural transformation picked up. Daily power generation across the country increased nearly 12 percent in May, up by 3.34 percentage points from a month ago, according to the website Economic Information Daily. Power use last month increased around 10 percent year on year.

China’s new loans unexpectedly slow in May as risk campaign hits borrowing
New Chinese bank loans unexpectedly fell in May, with credit growth slowing slightly as policymakers sustained efforts to clamp down on off-balance sheet shadow loans to rein in risks in the world’s second-largest economy.

China surprises with May slowdown in new loans as risk controls hit lending
Property sector remains a risk with household loans accounting for more than half of the credit extended

China eases restrictions on institutional investor programs
China said Tuesday that it would ease restrictions on foreign institutional investors in a step to open its financial market wider. New rules for the Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (QFII) and the RMB Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (RQFII) programs will make it easier for investors to move funds out of the Chinese mainland, according to the People’s Bank of China and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange.

China state planner and top bank set up US$47 billion fund to invest in emerging industries
The National Development and Reform Commission and China Construction Bank are targeting sectors including new materials, biotechnology and new-energy vehicles

ZTE to replace board, fire senior management under US settlement
ZTE will employ a compliance team at its expense for 10 years and hold two compliance forums in China as part of US settlement for violating export controls

Alibaba Tech brings RT-Mart from old to new retail
RT-Mart has finished a months-long digital transformation of a quarter of its 400 stores using New Retail technology developed by Alibaba Group, the Chinese hypermarket chain said Monday.

Chinese Companies and MOUs: Meet the Free Look Scheme, Part 2
This is part 2 in what will be series of posts detailing the current methods Chinese companies use to get a “free look” at the intellectual property and trade secrets of foreign companies. In part 1 of this series, we looked at how Chinese companies use their purported interest in investing into a foreign company to convince the foreign company to give the Chinese company access to the foreign company’s IP.

Chinese Companies and MOUs: Meet the Free Look Scheme, Part 2

What UK Retailers Can Learn from China
There is a stark contrast between the news stories surrounding British and Chinese retail at the moment. While we are inundated with stories of shop closures and businesses entering administration, those keeping abreast of the retail scene in the East will realise that the Chinese giants are facing no such issues. In this piece, Hannes Ben (pictured below), chief international officer, Forward3D, tells RetailTechNews just what British retailers could stand to gain by following the lead of their Chinese counterparts.

What UK Retailers Can Learn from China

China’s Solar Demand Shock Is Not So Simple
When trying to understand China, we should keep in mind that China generally governs for state interests, including interests of both domestic consumers and domestic producers, and also to some extent creating a good national image/brand/reputation in light of international concerns. But China probably has little international concern operating here since its renewable energy production has literally exploded.

China is hurting itself and the world by pretending it is poor
This situation — where Chinese firms take advantage of open export and investment opportunities around the world but enjoy a significantly protected market at home — is unsustainable. It’s putting support for the broader global trading system at risk and spurring not just the US but several European nations to consider new barriers to Chinese investment. China has as much to lose as anyone from escalating trade tensions.

New insights into China’s Maritime Silk Road
It is a concept which could boost global seaborne trade by assisting economic progress in many countries. China’s 21st Century Maritime Silk Road has attracted great interest internationally, intensified by other possible impacts of the plan. During the past twelve months there has been progress, as well as setbacks, and the main features have become clearer.

New insights into China’s Maritime Silk Road

Chinese more wary of investing in Australia amid rising political tensions
Investment down 11 per cent in 2017 from a year earlier, according to report

Here’s why geopolitics in the Indo-pacific calls for flexible geometry
India will not rely solely on the ballast of a strong strategic partnership with the United States as she charts her future course in Asia. While in agreement with the United States on the central geopolitical point that China gaining a hegemonic position in Asia will create critical imbalances in regional security, dispute settlement and the encouragement of non-democratic, even authoritarian political forces, India must be guided also by the realism of her troubled South Asian neighbourhood, her unsettled border with China, and her internal development dynamic. This is a flexible geometry rather than a fixed point-to-point trajectory.

Thailand plans regional alternative to Belt and Road

THAILAND plans to create a regional fund along with several of its neighbours in order to reduce reliance on Chinese investment in Southeast Asia.

Thailand plans regional alternative to Belt and Road

How China’s Belt and Road dealmaking is evolving
To date, China’s outbound Belt and Road Initiative projects have mainly been massive long-term infrastructure investments but as Belt and …

China’s belt and road builder finds itself embroiled in a scandal in Malaysian coastal railway link

China Communications Construction Company, one of the world’s largest engineering and construction companies by contract value, has found its biggest project in Malaysia embroiled in controversy ever since it agreed to build the 620-kilometer rail link spanning the east coast of the Southeast Asian country.

Curse Groups’ Are China’s Latest Social Media Fad
WeChat warns users to keep it clean while blowing off steam. Cats vs. dogs, iOS vs. Android, Canon vs. Sony, Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors, McDonald’s vs. KFC, Tencent vs. ByteDance — these and countless other binary debates have found their way into so-called curse groups on Chinese social app WeChat, where users are blowing off steam by hurling abuse at one another.

Executive Recruitment in China

Executive Recruitment in China is not for amateurs. 80% of executives seeking work with Western firms active in China are lying to get the job offer. Often the recruiters are working against you and with them to get them the job offer. Further challenge is they are experienced in interviewing. So they are experts at presenting themselves. All of this makes it exceedingly hard to get the right top leadership in China. Just hiring an expat will not always solve the problem. We definitely check them as well.

Executive Recruitment in China

Caution helps Chinese investors avoid political risk overseas
Corruption and coup d’états are two headaches of Chinese investors when going global. There’s a saying in China that “money comes from danger,” and some businessmen believe that getting close to the powerful will bring results. But the huge speculative and moral risks arising from such behavior are unfortunately ignore

HSBC CEO Flint says bulk of the group’s planned US$15-17b investment targeted at Asia
The bank is looking to grow wealth management business from China and Hong Kong and also rebuild its US consumer credit business

Chinese Digital Asset Investment Platform LendChain Raises Tens Of Millions Of RMB
Chinese distributed digital assets platform LendChain has raised tens of millions of RMB from Chinese blockchain company GXChain, Sydney-based blockchain firm Bitpei, Beijing-based investment fund PreAngel, Fission Capital, and others, according to GX Chain’s announcement on its official WeChat account.

Chinese Digital Asset Investment Platform LendChain Raises Tens Of Millions Of RMB

Tencent-backed Meituan plans US$6 Billion IPO filing this month
Meituan Dianping, which counts video games and social media giant Tencent among its backers, is targeting a valuation of roughly US$60 billion

China Forces Banks to Switch to Rental Market

With pressure from the government and declining demand for loans in property development, Chinese banks appear to shift their business towards the more risky home rentals business.

Fear of interest rates hike, high prices, hit latest property sale
But still, three projects alone have pulled in US$1.46 billion worth of sales released in the past fortnight

Rental properties are the new gold in China for overseas investment funds
Increasing residential prices, decreasing housing affordability and a highly mobile workforce are driving China’s rental market boom, according to a recent Savills report

China’s Next Big Thing? Used Cars.
A secondhand market could be a boon for investors — and the environment.

Reality-show Idols Are the New Darlings of Luxury Brands in China
This celebrated, prophetic quote stated by Andy Warhol back in 1968 has pretty much become a reality for today’s “social media” generation around the world. In China, two trendy star-making reality TV shows have made this “15 minutes of fame” up for grabs for Chinese youth.

Reality-show Idols Are the New Darlings of Luxury Brands in China

Party People: What Kind of Students Join the CCP?

Surveys indicate that over half of China’s college students apply for Communist Party membership — but not for the reasons you might think.

China’s top 14 copies of world-famous tourist attractions

High-street goods are the most common targets for counterfeiters in China, but landmarks, historic buildings and even whole towns and cities have also been ripped off in pursuit of profit

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