China Press Review – April 9, 2019

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Chinese Premier Li Keqiang braces for EU meeting as Brexit takes up Brussels’ attention
European leaders, emboldened by Trump’s trade war, look for leverage on trade and investment opportunities Hours before annual EU-China meeting, they are forced to focus on emergency Brexit talks

Bei-ching? The figures behind the EU’s trade with China
A hotly-anticipated EU-China summit got underway in Brussels this week amid a flurry of pessimistic speculation over the potential outcomes. The half-day summit on Tuesday saw EU officials meet with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in the hope of strengthening its €1 billion trade relationship, making up for tension in previous years due to disagreements over the South China Sea.

EU’s Juncker demands fair trade from China ahead of summit
European companies should have the same rights in China as Chinese firms in Europe, European Commission head Jean Claude Juncker said Tuesday as an unusually tense EU-China summit kicked off in Brussels.

How Should Europe Handle Relations with China?
On April 9, China’s Premier Li Keqiang will visit Brussels for the EU-China Summit —as European nations debate where to draw the line on investment, national security, and emerging technologies. How should Europe, and various European nations, handle their relationship with China? And is Europe breaking into two spheres of influence—one American and one Chinese?

China’s EU envoy to Europe: plot your own path, not Washington’s
Zhang Ming promises no breakthroughs in the EU-China summit on Tuesday Hey, Europe: don’t let Washington ruin our good thing. That was the message from China’s top representative to the European Union, who spoke to POLITICO in the run-up to a Beijing-EU summit on Tuesday, taking place against a backdrop of growing tensions on trade and technology.

Are EU-China Relations at a Crossroads?
China’s increased economic and political footprint in Europe has finally caught the attention of policymakers on the Continent. In a new European Union approach, for the first time, Beijing is mentioned as a “systemic rival” of Europe. According to a recent European Commission document, “EU-China: A strategic outlook,” China is moving from a “strategic partner” (as depicted for more than 15 years in EU parlance) to a “negotiating partner.” Ideally, the European Union needs to find a balance of interests with China as an “economic competitor” in the pursuit of technological leadership, and as a “systemic rival” promoting alternative models of governance.

Premier Li expects closer China-Croatia ties, enhanced China-CEEC cooperation
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has expressed high expectations that his trip to Croatia will promote China-Croatia ties and boost cooperation between China and 16 Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC).

America’s latest ‘red scare’ is overblown. China is not intent on world domination
The US Committee on the Present Danger focusing on China misreads the Communist Party’s intentions. While China will seek to dominate transnational sectors it sees as essential to its survival, conquering the world would be too much trouble

HSBC predicts China’s 2019 GDP will soar past others’ estimates
China’s efforts to stimulate its economy by focusing on the private sector will lead to a “self-sustained recovery,” according to HSBC. The British bank says Chinese growth has hit bottom and stimulus led by a massive cut in taxes and fees announced last month will propel the economy to an expansion of 6.6 percent for 2019. “The shape of the stimulus package this time is very different from earlier rounds,” HSBC economists said in a report. “We believe that it will not only work

China still has huge economic growth potential: experts
China’s economy still has substantial growth potential due to its sheer size and policy agility, experts said at recent annual gatherings of The Committee of 100, a non-profit U.S. organization of prominent Chinese Americans

Donald Trump’s four-week time frame to end US-China trade war is an ‘uncertain timetable’, says state media
‘Global Times’ editorial urges ‘patience is probably the most important thing’ after latest talks between US President Donald Trump and Chinese Vice-Premier Liu He Newspaper, which is closely afflicted with the ‘People’s Daily’, sets out four areas that still need to be resolved

Shanghai: Industry, Economics, and Policy
With the highest GDP of any mainland Chinese city and half of its economic activity contributed by non-public enterprises, Shanghai is an economically vibrant and popular destination for private and foreign investment. It is also a core port for domestic and international trade, with the value of its imports and exports accounting for 20 percent of the country’s total.

China’s growth forecast for 2019 raised by IMF, despite trade war and global downturn
International Monetary Fund sees global growth rebound in the second half of the year on easing of trade tensions But IMF warns that risks to the forecast remain to the downside

China’s $1.4tn distressed debt pool draws global buyers
Bain and Goldman Sachs among the most active players in deeply discounted deals

US seeks to freeze out Huawei from Europe using rule of law argument
Washington urges allies to ban networking products from countries without independent court systems Move is aimed at keeping Chinese tech firms out of advanced 5G networks

Huawei security concerns are further eroding trust in Chinese brands, survey says
Despite US efforts to get its equipment banned, Huawei has landed more than 30 commercial 5G network contracts

Telescopes row brings US-China trade war into sharp focus with Chinese firms accused of ‘cartel-like behaviour’
Orion Telescope & Binoculars, the last major American telescope brand and distributor, is seeking US$180 million in damages from Chinese manufacturers Documents provided to the ‘South China Morning Post’ suggest collusion in the purchase of Meade Instruments

Why the U.S. needs to work with, not against, China on the AI front

Why I want to bridge the EU-China tech information gap
There is a knowledge and information gap between the European and Chinese tech worlds: European startups remain poorly covered in Chinese media outlets, and Chinese innovation and openness remain underestimated by their European counterparts. I stay in touch with China because I am in a unique position in Europe to introduce an innovative and tech-driven China to a curious European audience—and at the same time, I am on a mission to unveil the flourishing European startup scene to an open-minded China.

Why I want to bridge the EU-China tech information gap

How China Is Keeping Unemployment Under Control With Cobots
There is no counter-argument to the statement that China is currently at the helm of artificial intelligence-powered development in the world. The country continues to aggressively push for AI development and the range of AI-based solutions that the Chinese Technology provider rolls out each year is even more mind-boggling.

How China Is Keeping Unemployment Under Control With Cobots

China internet users snapshot 2019
98.6% of internet users accessed the internet through mobile devices in China. Internet penetration in urban areas rose from 71% to 74.6%. The 10- to 39-year-olds represented 67.8% of all internet users in China. The largest user group were students (25.4%). 610 million users shopped online in 2018, 14.4% more than a year ago. And, 406 million users ordered food delivery online.

Report: China’s Closing the Innovation Gap
Experts say the United States needs its own robust national strategy to compete in advanced technologies.

Spain’s top envoy to China says New Silk Road won’t solve ‘substantial’ trade gap
Spanish ambassador Rafael Dezcallar de Mazarredo calls on Beijing to open its market and level the playing field, ahead of EU-China summit in Brussels He also urges China to take more responsibility by reviewing its trade practices

China’s Belt and Road impact ‘limited’ so far, Bombardier says
Complexity of overseas infrastructure development slowing pace “Anything which is about creating a lot of infrastructure, actually increasing the infrastructure in the region and connecting the different countries, I think is a good initiative,” he said. “Most of the investment is to come. I think in terms of how [the BRI] has impacted us, it’s not so much so far.” A key issue in the trade tensions between Beijing and Washington has been the Chinese practice of requiring foreign companies to transfer technologies to local partners as the price of market access. Such transfers by Bombardier and other foreign train makers are seen to have helped create formidable Chinese producers like CRRC that are now beating them to contracts in foreign markets. Bombardier operates in China through six joint ventures, including one with CRRC.

Chinese investment could become a challenging factor for the European future of the Western Balkans.
The Western Balkan economies are all small and underdeveloped, which should make them too small for far-away China’s attention. Not so. Due to their geographical position, these countries — Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia — are an important piece of the Silk Road puzzle.

China in the Balkans

Belt and Road 2.0 Gathers Momentum, China Aims to Avoid ‘Debt Traps’
China is trying to avoid “debt traps” for the countries that signed up for its Belt and Road initiative, a senior Chinese official said at the World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa. The remarks came on the back of criticism of the Belt and Road initiative (BRI) by some in the US and Europe, and ahead of the second Belt and Road forum, hosted by Chinese President Xi Jinping later this month in Beijing.

As Belt and Road 2.0 Gathers Momentum, China Aims to Avoid ‘Debt Traps’

The Seven Risks to Check Before Taking China’s Belt & Road Cash
Countries should critically evaluate prospective Belt and Road projects for risks ranging from financial sustainability to potential for corruption before accepting Chinese infrastructure investment, according to a new study by Center for a New American Security.

China in Africa: The Zambia experience
Many Africans are worried by the increasing presence of China on the continent. But how much is China really involved? A DW team traveled to Zambia to investigate how China has taken control of key infrastructure.

EU-funded CO2-capture in China to miss 2020 deadline
It seems highly unlikely that the EU and China will meet their goal of setting up an EU co-financed “near-zero emissions” coal plant operational in China next year.

China’s thermal coal imports ‘will fall 10-12 million tonnes in 2019’
Rising domestic output behind the fall, predicted by a leading industry analyst Country set to produce extra 100 million tonnes of coal this year

The Purchasing Power of the Only Child
China’s one-child policy has produced a large group with economic clout that will continue to purchase luxury goods in the pursuit of happiness.

The Purchasing Power of the Only Child

China’s Next Hot Travel Market: Customized Luxury Tours
initiatives to cater to the travel needs of affluent Chinese travelers. Photo: Shutterstock
Chinese tourists have been ditching group tours at a rapid pace, and custom-tour operators are reaping the benefits of this booming tourism industry segment. Now that most of these travelers are seasoned, they’re starting to seek unique experiences, and most of them have the adventurous nature and significant disposable income needed to partake in these high-end tours. But there is one traveler demographic within this industry that is still under-served by China’s booming online travel agencies: high-net-worth individuals.

China’s Next Hot Travel Market: Customized Luxury Tours

China is eliminating residency restrictions for some smaller cities
China’s state planner is requiring local governments to lift household registration restrictions for people who live and work in some second- and third-tier cities to advance reform of the residency system for migrants.

No smoking, no tattoos, no bikinis: inside China’s war to ‘clean up’ the internet
China’s social media companies employ thousands to censor content that falls afoul of the country’s stringent regulations governing the internet While AI is used to remove banned content, many decisions are taken by humans, especially if they involve context

China Manufacturing Contracts: For China Lawyers Only
The keys are to make sure your contract is with the right company and under the right law and written in the right language and with the right dispute resolution clause. This is all complicated, fact-specific, and risky, and not for first-timers. I urge you to read China Contract Templates and Getting your China Counterparty Right and The Proview v. Apple China Trademark Dispute. Wanna Buy The Brooklyn Bridge? for more on what can (and so often does) go wrong when you do not choose wisely on these things.

China Manufacturing Contracts: For China Lawyers Only

Did Chinese billionaire Huang Xiangmo try to buy his way to Australian citizenship?
Former PM Malcolm Turnbull demands successor investigate allegations against immigration boss
Prime Minister Scott Morrison had defended the government’s record, citing Turnbull’s foreign interference laws

Hong Kong’s middle class saving for children’s weddings and homes, estimate they need US$637,000 for retirement
The China Construction Bank (Asia) survey found that 40 per cent of the respondents said they would need HK$5 million to cover retired life

For young Hongkongers, the smartest investment in the future may be going to a top Chinese university
From talent selection to social networking, there are many explanations for why higher education correlates to success. In Hong Kong, students should capitalise on the chances they have to enter China’s brand-name universities

Chinese regulators aim to phase out crypto mining
China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NRDC) added crypto mining, including bitcoin mining, to a draft list of industrial activities it is seeking to restrict or phase out for noncompliance with relevant laws and regulations. The draft, however, did not specify a time frame or plan for eliminating mining activities in the country. The NRDC said on Monday it was seeking public opinions on the revised list and the public has until May 7 to comment on the draft.

Briefing: Chinese regulators aim to phase out crypto mining

Alibaba’s Cainiao to raise delivery fleet wages 20% within 3 years
Alibaba’s courier app Cainiao Guoguo announced today on China’s microblogging service Weibo that the company will recruit 100,000 more deliverymen within the next three years. The company added that it aims to increase the average income of its delivery fleet by more than 20% during the same period. Launched in 2016, Cainiao Guoguo is a one-stop package tracking and order-placing platform.

Briefing: Alibaba’s Cainiao to raise delivery fleet wages 20% within 3 years

Hong Kong ‘Umbrella’ protesters found guilty of public nuisance
Media captionThe “Umbrella Movement” activists said they would continue to strive for democracy
Nine pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong have been found guilty of public nuisance charges for their role in a civil disobedience movement that called for free elections in the city.

podcast : Black gold from China
Twenty years ago, trade with wild caviar was banned. Today a big part of caviar sold comes from one farm in eastern China. Kaluga Queen has some of the world’s top-end restaurants among its clients

China’s assertive maritime policy is older than Xi
The toughening of China’s policies in the South and East China Seas is widely regarded as a defining characteristic of Xi Jinping’s foreign policy. But while it is true that the PRC has become more assertive in its maritime disputes under Xi, China had already been on such a trajectory since 2006. Many changes in China’s maritime dispute behaviour under Xi may be better understood as continuities.

China’s assertive maritime policy is older than Xi

The Cycle of Negligence at China’s Health-Check Companies
They hire unlicensed doctors, ignore safety regulations, and miss the warning signs of cancer. But businesses offering private health exams still turn huge profits.

China’s astronomers helped capture photo of black hole but couldn’t use world’s biggest telescope to do it
Distance no object, but China’s Fast did not take part in cosmic event because it could not properly be tuned in to targets that lie light years away

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