China Press Review – April 25, 2018

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Intellectual property in China
US ignored Beijing’s gains in intellectual property protection, Chinese watchdog says
Head of revamped agency says China is paying more for foreign IP and has reinforced the country’s laws

Revisiting The IP Dragon’s Lair
From this vantage point, it is clear that China is going through the patent law equivalent of a teenager’s growth spurt.

Revisiting The IP Dragon’s Lair

How Much American IP Is China ‘Stealing?’
The U.S. has been justifying its intention to impose tariffs on more than $150 billion in Chinese products by claiming that they are a response to China unfairly gaining access to American trade secrets.

How Long Can the ‘Chinese Miracle’ Last?
Author Dinny McMahon says China’s debt-fueled growth is unsustainable and due for a reckoning.

How Long Can the ‘Chinese Miracle’ Last?

China’s bonds emerge as the surprise sanctuary while the world’s debt market retreats
China’s debt challenges were so bad its economy was supposed to be on the infamous treadmill to hell. And many expected the country’s efforts to rein in financial leverage to undermine demand for bonds.

Chinese bank floats its first Belt and Road bond in Lux
The Bank of China has listed €700m in bonds as part of the “Belt and Road” initiative in the grand duchy.

Expect the unexpected? ZTE and Starbucks’ experiences offer sobering lessons for business owners
Stephen Vines looks at how recent events have separately dealt blows to ZTE’s supply chain and Starbucks’ reputation, bringing home the challenges of running a business in these times of uncertainty

Home-grown tech and domestic spend are key to China’s battle plan for trade war, leadership indicates
Commentators detect ‘big change’ in approach, with moves to address the economic vulnerability targeted by US sanction against Chinese telecoms firm

China turning its back on reform and opening up would be the real tragedy of a trade war
Vasilis Trigkas says for all the talk of China’s debt and the potentially devastating impact on its economy, the biggest casualty of a prolonged economic conflict with America would be China’s attitude to the outside world, and thus the global order

Donald Trump sends trade hawks to China as US considers further action against Beijing
Sources close to talks play down chances of swift breakthrough in talks as US President adds leading critics of Beijing to delegation visiting Chinese capital

What Trump gets right about China and trade
President Trump recently called out China for claiming the special privileges of a poor country.
China is still considered a developing nation by the WTO a status it received when it joined decades ago. That allows it to take on fewer commitments than developed nations. China’s economy is now one of the biggest in the world; it needs to step up and pull its economic weight.

India may face pressure to cut duties on 90% of goods traded with China
India is likely to face greater pressure to eliminate duties on 90% of goods it trades with China under the mega trade agreement among 16 Asia Pacific countries that is in the works.

Will Xi-Modi summit lead to deals on Belt and Road, investment, and border?
Unexpected meeting between the two leaders comes as a major course correction for a fraught relationship as Asian giants re-evaluate their options with regards to one another as well as Trump’s America

PRC Investment in Europe Raises Concerns
As Beijing continues its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and global influence campaign, criticism has recently turned towards Chinese investment in Europe, with leaders debating how best to respond to China’s growing ownership of critical infrastructure and equity in foreign firms, and the political influence that this entails. Of the 25 Chinese firms who have invested the most in Europe in the last decade, just nine were privately-owned, and even they are closely aligned with the CCP. Much as the BRI has been criticized as a vehicle to expand Chinese power abroad, investment in Europe is starting to be scrutinized for harboring similar motives, especially when in critical infrastructure.

PRC Investment in Europe Raises Concerns

Why Europe is afraid of the New Silk Roads
Many EU countries are concerned about one-way traffic along the new trade routes Beijing is trying to set up to Europe

China’s Didi Chuxing Said Planning $80B IPO To Rival Meituan Dianping
Didi Chuxing is already a rival with Meituan Dianping in China’s increasingly crowded car ride-sharing and bike-sharing markets. Now they appear to be in a race to see who can launch an initial public offering first. According to reports, ride-hailing leader Didi is talking with bankers about an IPO in the second half of this year, at a valuation of US$70 billion to US$80 billion.

China’s Didi Chuxing Said Planning $80B IPO To Rival Meituan Dianping

China to cut more taxes to support small and high-tech firms
China will further reduce taxes to support small firms and high-tech companies, state radio quoted the cabinet as saying on Wednesday, with seven measures expected to result in cuts of more than 60 billion yuan ($9.5 billion).

China Focus: Beyond e-commerce: China embraces new era of digital development
China is the world’s largest e-commerce market, accounting for more than 40 percent of the value of worldwide transactions, and in terms of mobile payments, China has a transaction value 11 times that of the United States, according to a recent report by McKinsey Global Institute.

Early Alibaba backer says e-commerce giant is far from its peak
Investors may have cooled on Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. as its profit margins narrow, but one of its early backers says the e-commerce giant is far from its peak.

Alibaba is better at fighting fakes than Amazon is, says CEO of Swatch
Alibaba is “fighting actively” against fakes, but that isn’t something Amazon is doing well, according to Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek. Commenting on whether Amazon is delivering added value for consumers, Hayek conceded that “in a way, yes, they deliver a product.” But Chinese companies like Alibaba are doing better, he told CNBC’s Geoff Cutmore.

The 3 Problems Ruining Brand-Agency Relationships in China
Choosing a digital agency in China is difficult and many brands struggle to find the right one. Yet even with the right partner, China’s rapidly changing digital environment, combined with language barriers and cultural differences, can put a great deal of strain on the brand-agency relationship.
To understand how some of this stress can be alleviated, we spoke with several agencies to get their perspective on the most common problems and misunderstandings that occur when working with international clients in China and what can be done to resolve them.

The 3 Problems Ruining Brand-Agency Relationships in China

Eight Roads Ventures Launches $275M China Tech Fund
Boston-based Eight Roads Ventures, the proprietary investment arm of Fidelity International Ltd, has announced the launch of a US$275-million special investment fund dedicated to Chinese technology start-ups.

Eight Roads Ventures Launches $275M China Tech Fund

China’s Sinovation Ventures Closes New Fund At $500 Million
Sinovation Ventures, a Chinese venture capital firm founded by former Google China head Kai-Fu Lee, today announced the close of its new US$500 million Fund IV to invest in early and growth stage Chinese and U.S. technology companies.

China’s Sinovation Ventures Closes New Fund At $500 Million

Faster, cheaper, better: How China and AI are helping pharmaceutical development
The process of discovering and developing a new drug typically costs $2-4 billion, takes 10-12 years and fails more than 95% of the time either in clinical trials or while going through the approval process. Around half of failures are due to side effects in humans, sometimes discovered after a drug has been fully approved and goes into mainstream use. Companies around the world with a Chinese connection, however, are using AI to speed up drug development and solve many of the traditional problems the industry has faced.

Faster, cheaper, better: How China and AI are helping pharmaceutical development

Taiwan biotech firm eyes Hong Kong IPO for push into mainland China market for cornea transplants
ACRO Biomedical plans a reverse takeover to place its assets into a Hong Kong holding company

For China’s Buddhist Monks, an IPO Too Far
Entrepreneurs hoped to list a sacred mountain on a Chinese stock exchange. Trouble ensued.

HNA unit is creating US$1.5 billion war chest as group’s primary vehicle for shopping
A unit of debt-laden Chinese conglomerate HNA Group is seeking to raise as much as US$1.5 billion by the end of this year in an investment fund that will serve as the group’s primary vehicle for global acquisitions, a document reviewed by Reuters showed.

China’s Belt and Road poised to transform the Earth, but at what cost to the environment?
China is aggressively trying to leverage on a trillion-dollar transportation and energy infrastructure construction program that poses potential environmental impacts.

China’s Guangdong province to impose tougher industrial pollution curbs
China’s southeastern manufacturing hub Guangdong province is planning to impose tougher emission curbs on its steel, petrochemical and cement firms starting from June as it bids to meet state air quality standards, the local environment bureau said.

How China can recoup cost of climate goals
If China meets its greenhouse gas-reduction goals, it will experience air quality and health benefits with associated monetary savings that could offset the total cost of implementing the climate policy.

Tencent Launches Movie Distribution To Boost Film Business
Chinese social media giant Tencent Holdings has set up a film distribution subsidiary, as part of its wider push into movie production and sales.

Tencent Launches Movie Distribution To Boost Film Business

China: The Shadow Power for a Shadow Age
In an age of illusion, China is among the chief sources of spectacle.

Why China remains cautious over prospects for breakthrough at Korean leaders’ peace summit
Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in’s meeting could help get long peace process off to a good start, but Beijing sees US-North Korea talks as key

Eight charged in China over ‘Ponzi scheme posing as P2P lender’ that took US$9 billion
Shanghai police say Shanlin Finance’s activities echoed those in the Ezubao and other cases, and call on victims to come forward

Chinese companies seen as less corrupt as Xi Jinping’s anti-graft campaign bites
Survey by accounting firm EY finds perceptions of among local executives of corporate wrongdoing in China are lower than four years ago

North Korea’s nuclear test site has collapsed … and that may be why Kim Jong-un suspended tests
The mountain’s collapse after five blasts may be reason behind North Korean leader’s declaration that he would freeze tests and shut down the site North Korea’s mountain nuclear test site has collapsed, putting China and other nearby nations at unprecedented risk of radioactive exposure, two separate groups of Chinese scientists studying the issue have confirmed.

pdf : China Philanthropy Law Report
China’s legal framework is constraining for civil society in general and philanthropic giving in particular. During the current administration of President Xi Jinping, Chinese civil society has come under a great deal of pressure. In terms of both freedom for civil society and philanthropy, China ranks very low among the world’s countries. Nevertheless, philanthropy has a rich and varied history in China. The last decade has seen the rapid growth of more independent grassroots nonprofit organizations and community-based organizations, along with a gradual shift away from a nonprofit landscape dominated by government-organized NGOs.

Wanted at Chinese Start-Ups: Attractive Women to Ease Coders’ Stress
Some tech companies are hiring female “motivators” for a role that’s a mix of psychologist and cheerleader — to help overworked male programmers through conversation and massages.

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