Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC)

China International Supply Chain Expo


The China International Service Trade and Investment Fair (CISCE) is an annual event that promotes international trade and investment cooperation. The fair is a platform that brings together renowned enterprises and advanced technology products from all over the world, attracting suppliers and purchasers to exchange and negotiate cooperation.

The CISCE platform places emphasis on the key areas and critical links of global industrial and supply chains, striving to enhance resilience and stability. By facilitating in-depth discussions and project docking in areas such as green transformation, digital empowerment, and financial services, CISCE aims to create a high-end platform that connects large, medium, and small enterprises. The platform operates on the principles of collaboration, promotion, and sharing, which contribute to China’s modernization and offer new opportunities for global development. Through CISCE, businesses can expand their international investment cooperation and benefit from increased connectivity and shared resources.

The total area of the fair is 100,000 square meters, and it features five major chains and one exhibition area. The exhibition showcases advanced technologies and products for each chain and includes services such as finance, logistics, and platforms for enterprises.


November, 2023


China International Exhibition Center, Beijing